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Your Commodore, Tour Guide and Travel Planner, Linda Morrissey  has been arranging and guiding personalized travel adventures all over the world for more than twenty years. Her travel and tour experience along with her wonderful personality and charm ensure that your once-in-a-lifetime trip is both unforgettable and exquisite.

Our travel group is sized to allow each of our guests to build many new relationships and the friendships developed are revisited as our travelers come back year after year to explore new regions of the world. Most of the adventurers have a long history with us and are always ready to welcome new explorers into the group.

Our sailing tours provide adventurers with the chance to feel the exhilarating sensation of wind in your face as you work as a team to guide the boats through the warm blue waters of our destinations. You may already be a sailor or you may want to learn a new hobby – your experience will not matter as our competent and delightful captains will be there to teach and guide you. From the water, you will delight in panoramic views, spectacular sunsets and a unique perspective of some of the hottest vacation paradise spots we can find. Our leisurely approach to inter-island travel allows you ample time to relax and explore our destinations in the afternoon and mornings spent honing your sailing skills and developing fun new friendships.

Our land-only travel excursions provide the exotic locations and adventures that you have been dreaming of visiting. You will discover the secrets of ancient cultures as you stroll through historical cities and country sides. You will treasure exploring the gorgeous and rugged terrain of the ancient mountain villages and islands. And you will relax in some of the loveliest locales that we can find to share with you – all the while, sharing your experience with other fun and like-minded travelers. You will bring home friends memories that will last a lifetime.

Come on along as we explore the world together…

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We will be the "vacation selection of choice" for our discerning travelers by creating unique and enjoyable travel experiences that meet and exceed their expectations

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We sail and travel the world together.