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Travel Tips

We sail and travel the world together.

Coolest packing techniques​

  1. Use zippered bags to separate and store clothing and toiletries. for great ideas.
  2. Carryon knapsack with many pockets to find items easily.
  3. BAGGAGE: Use softsided collapsible rollers. (lightweight and easy storage)

Avoid Anxiety and Stress

  1. Label bags carefully inside and out.  
  2. Copy passports and credit cards and store many places in case of need.
  3. Travel in groups and watch out for each other. (Makes it more of a party)
  4. Get to the airport 2 hours early and let this be the start of your vacation.
  5. Bring games, music, books, smart phones, ipads etc .
  6. Expect delays and roll with them.

Smart Packing Ideas

  1. Carry lots of $1 bills for tipping.
  2. Carry a bicycle lock to secure your belongings together.
  3. Store cords in toilet paper tubes and secure plug in a notch.
  4. Use binder clips to hold papers together. Use dry cleaner bags to separate itmes and keep clothes dry.
  5. Use twist ties to fix broken zippers. Carry rubber bands for holding pairs of shoes together, socks and cords.
  6. Sturdy soap cases are great for carrying jewelry. Jewelry pouches can double as an evening purse.
  7. Pack heavy items near the bottom

Beat Jet-lag

  1. Set your watch to local time at take off.
  2. Stay awake till 8-9PM local time.
  3. Take Melatonin at bedtime, its natural and helps you adjust to time zones.
  4. Take a short nap 1-1.5hours max.

Smart Touring

Learn from the locals.
​Ask the hotel staff and cabbies. for tips from other travelers.

When to Travel

Traveling in the Spring and Fall generally means the kids are in school and the tourists are back home at work.
Prices are lower and sites are less crowded.

Get the best Prices

Use to search many sites and compare prices. Hotels in Europe to reserve and pay when you checkout. to find out when to buy travel and get predictions.


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